About Billy

If you close your eyes and listen to Billy, you would swear that ole Waylon was on stage....still.

When the SPIRIT OF THE OUTLAW runs deep in your soul...

Billy is pure outlaw country at its finest...but dont think he can't smooth over a good love song..


  Billy was raised on country music in the West Virginia       mountains, Playing music with family at gatherings. His   first vinyl was of Johnny Cash, the style had a big   influence on Billy, so at the age of 12 he started teaching   himself how to play the guitar.with songs from Johnny,   Waylon, Willie and Jones.

 In 1995 he met Waylon Jennings and they became   friends.  Billy now records all his songs with Waylons old   band, the Waylors (Waymore Outlaws) for several years. 

 Billy has performed with stars of counntry music, Leona   Williams, Billy 'Crash' Cradock, Highway 101, Ronnie   McDowell and many others. 

 Billy has the style, the look and the sound of pure   OUTLAW COUNTRY......